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With a career as colorfully varied as the Inca textiles from his native country, Victor Rojas’ emergence as one of Peru’s most valuable exports isn’t a question of possibility, but rather a matter of inevitability. 


While the discovery and nurturing of his talents can be traced back to his early childhood in Lima, Victor’s move to America proved to be a pivotal moment in his ongoing development as a multifaceted artist.

The first half of the 90s gave us grunge music, the internet and the debut of a young Victor Rojas as a leading actor with his starring role as Juanito in 1995’s Max Is Missing. 

Set in Peru, the film provided an opportunity for Victor to return to his birthplace as an early achiever of the proverbial American Dream.

Later film roles would include It Could Happen To You, Prince Of Central Park and Die Hard With A Vengeance, which were projects that found Victor starring alongside Tinsletown titans such as Kathleen Turner, Rosie Perez and Bruce Willis.  Getting bitten by the acting bug turned out to be rewarding for a now teenaged Victor, but it was the bite from the world of dance that would ultimately leave a deeper impression.


Coming from a country so deeply rooted in music, Victor’s transition into a trained professional dancer was a natural progression that lead to him sharing stages and/or video sets with artists that ranged from Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez to the Spice Girls and Janet Jackson.  A cursory glance at Victor’s complete dancer credits reveals an impressive assemblage of performers whose work was enhanced by his stellar artistry.


2004’s monster pop hit “Milkshake” famously brought the boys to the yard, but the video brought Victor Rojas to the role of choreographer.  He has since gone on to lend his talents as a choreographer not only to recording artists but to television as well having created Hip Hop, Jazz, and Lyrical pieces for both seasons of the Lifetime Network’s Dance Moms spin-off, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.


His most recent career turn was as a dancer for Lady Gaga and it was an affiliation that spanned five years, three world tours, several music videos, countless special performances and one unique opportunity to perform in his home country where he was greeted with a fevered welcome from crowds who were overcome with pride that one of their own had “made it”.

The young dreamer from Lima is all grown up now and there is a list of achievements including starring in movies, performing at the Super Bowl and the MTV Awards, appearing on the cover of Dance Magazine and choreographing videos for Grammy nominated songs that have hard earned check marks next to them.  He has come a long way since those early days, but he will be the first to tell you that he still has miles to go.  

Victor Rojas Theatrical Reel
Victor Rojas DANCE REEL
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